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Drug and alcohol addiction can be devastating. It can cause you to lose control of your life and neglect your personal, professional and family responsibilities.  It can also cause long-term physical, mental and emotional damage. Addiction is almost impossible to beat on your own. But it doesn’t have to be a life sentence. The counselors at Drug Rehab Center Amarillo have successfully helped patients overcome substance abuse and get them back to regaining control of their lives. Our experienced and caring staff will make sure each patient is treated with the proper respect and compassion they deserve. Our facility provides a nurturing environment to help patients overcome their addiction without having to worry about fear. As patients progress through rehab, they’ll begin to gain confidence and experience higher self-esteem.

The caring, dedicated, and highly trained staff members of Drug Rehab Center Amarillo specialize in offering our patients the best quality treatment in order to help them being living sober and fulfilling lives. Our experienced and compassionate staff of counselors, clinicians and therapists will help guide you step by step to the road to recovery. At Drug Rehab Center Amarillo, we pride ourselves in helping our patients deal with their substance abuse problems with the latest methods and techniques provided in a nurturing and safe environment.  

Drug Rehab Center Amarillo offers a wide variety of substance abuse and recovery programs.  If you or someone you love is currently battling an addiction to drugs or alcohol, Drug Rehab Center Amarillo encourages you to seek help as soon as possible.  The sooner treatment for addiction begins, the sooner an addict can begin living their new and improved life.  If you have any questions regarding addiction or the treatment options available at Drug Rehab Center Amarillo, please call (806) 576-3321 or email mail@drugrehab-amarillo.com today.


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